My profile at and . I also provide part of the website links of the professors who are the co-authors with me in computer security field.


  1. ML-Doctor: Holistic Risk Assessment of Inference Attacks Against Machine Learning Models
    Yugeng Liu*, Rui Wen*, Xinlei He, Ahmed Salem, Zhikun Zhang, Michael Backes, Emiliano De Cristofaro, Mario Fritz, Yang Zhang (* equal contribution)
    USENIX Security Symposium. Boston, MA, USA. Aug, 2022.


  1. COSE'19
    Zhushou Tang, Minhui Xue, Guozhu Meng, Chengguo Ying, Yugeng Liu, Jianan He, Haojin Zhu, Yang Liu
    Computers & Security. 2019.


  1. Wei Zhang, Yan Meng, Yugeng Liu, Xiaokuan Zhang, Yinqian Zhang, Haojin Zhu
    ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. Toronto, Canada. Oct, 2018.